Vans Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Every year, the month of October is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Across the world, brands, organizations, public figures and everyday individuals work to raise awareness about the widespread disease that’s easily combatable when detected early. 

Vans, the legendary California-based skateboard brand, is taking part in this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. The brand has created a special capsule collection and has committed to donating a minimum of USD 200,000 to the UK-based organization CoppaFeel!.



The exclusive capsule collection includes clothing, shoes and accessories featuring different slogans and graphics in various shades of pink, the color associated with breast cancer awareness. You can purchase t-shirts or a jacket with cheeky silhouettes of breasts printed on them. There are also caps, beanies and shoes with the encouraging slogan “You Got This” emblazoned on them. The shoes in particular are available for adults, as well as kids and toddlers. Alongside the three different styles of t-shirts are a hoodie and a button up jacket.

Of course, no Vans collection would be complete without their well-known slip-on shoes. The famous Vans checkerboard print gets an update in shades of pink and with the silhouettes of breasts designed around the shoes’ rubber soles. The check print also serves as a subliminal reminder to go check yourself. Breast cancer is a disease that affects individuals regardless of age – a fact which many young women are unaware of. Detecting cancer early means a much higher chance of survival and recovery.


The collection also includes high-cut and low-cut lace up sneakers. The white low-cut sneakers are designed with prints of women doing the standard breast checks. The high cut style, on the other hand, is a pair of black sneakers with a panel featuring topless women of varying ethnicities. The print is also available in a pair of slide-on slippers.


The Vans Breast Cancer Awareness collection includes 14 different products. All were designed to encourage young people to educate themselves about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, to get regularly checked and to empower individuals to speak up. In addition to the portion from every purchase that Vans will be donating to CoppaFeel!, shoppers can also make an extra donation to the organization and help raise awareness.

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