The Khaki Faux Fur Half Zip Hoodie

If there’s one thing we all want this winter, or well, every winter for that matter, it’s to stay warm and feel comfortable while looking fashionable the whole time. Is that really too much to ask for? We certainly don’t think so and we’re making sure that’s just the case.

It’s the perfect combination of casual urban style and glam luxe design. Who doesn’t love a comfy and cozy hoodie? Just ask Ariana Grande and Hailey Baldwin Beiber, who are just a few of the celebrity hoodie lovers that have been photographed wearing various designs and oversized styles. They’ve made the casual garment a street style favorite. But our Story of Lola hoodie is definitely more than just your average hoodie. The faux fur fabric takes it to a whole different level, if we do say so ourselves.

The juxtaposition of the laid back hoodie design combined with the glamourous faux fur aesthetic makes this particular hoodie a fashion must have. And yes, you read that right – glamourous faux fur. With reports that Queen Elizabeth herself has stopped wearing genuine fur, and with many celebrities and influencers who have pledged the same, animal-friendly and cruelty-free is certainly the glamourous way to go.

The faux fur hoodie doesn’t just look comfy and snuggly, it really is. It comes fully lined to make sure you stay warm and comfortable when the weather gets cold. Plus, it comes with side seam pockets that are practically necessities when it comes to outerwear. No one appreciates coats without any pockets to stick your hands in. The half zip design also makes it more fashionable than your standard, casual full zip hoodie. You can wear it with the zipper completely closed to the top or undone with an open neck style and careless attitude. 

What’s also great about the oversized style is its versatility. You can wear the khaki hoodie casually with trainers during the day or dress it up with heels for an evening out. You can also wear the hoodie as your sole top or layer it over a turtleneck with either look working really well. Pair the hoodie with jeans, leggings or a skirt for a simple yet fashionable outfit. If you opt for a slightly larger size, you can even style it a la Ariana, Hailey or even Chiara Ferragni, who like to wear the oversized hoodie as a dress. Complete the look with thigh high or ankle length boots for true celebrity/influencer style.

Whether you plan to explore a Christmas market, go out for a fun night at winter wonderland, have drinks with friends or just enjoy a simple dinner, the khaki faux fur half zip hoodie will make you look fashionable without looking like you even tried.



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