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We’re turning our Lola Loves spotlight on blogger @emilinalove. The London-based writer and fashion content creator has garnered a growing following with her striking red orange hair and multi-faceted style. One day in a tailored blazer and trousers, the next day in a grunge themed neon bra top and leather skirt, and still the next day in a lady-like sheer summer dress. The blogger is like a chameleon with her style choices. There sure seems to be a lot of bright colors, loud prints, contrasting patterns and varying fabrics in her closet. Of course, among our favorite looks are those of Emilina wearing our own Story of Lola faux fur hoodie in bright blue.

Emilina has worn the hoodie on multiple occasions, showing just how versatile it is and how you can style it in so many different ways. Wear it while you’re spending a relaxed weekend in the city or out partying it up at a music festival, just like Emilina.

One way the fashion blogger shows herself wearing the eye-catching hoodie is with a simple black tank top, pleated bottoms in a light silver shade and coordinating long silver necklaces that she’s layered on. The bright blue color of the hoodie takes center stage in this outfit of the day.

Emilina also wears our Story of Lola hoodie for a day running around the city. This time she wears it with a casual graphic t-shirt printed with a fiery dragon against an orange background that coincidentally matches her hair, along with blue checkered trousers, and accessorized with a mustard colored beanie and translucent orange sunglasses. Our favorite part of the outfit (aside from the hoodie, of course) is the blue fur-like heart shaped keychain hanging off of her belt bag that completely matches our hoodie.

We love that Emilina loves our faux fur hoodie, so much so that she wore it again. This time she wore it while attending the Download rock music festival. She styled the jacket layered over her black and white outfit and adorned with a long chain necklace. But the real fashion statement is made by the way her bright blue eye-shadow perfectly complements the bright blue faux fur. With various rings stacked on her fingers, she looks both comfortable and rock concert ready.

In what’s one of her more striking outfits, Emilina also wears our hoodie together with a full, head to toe, black and white checker board print ensemble. She styles the outfit with equally striking, and not to mention coordinating, black and white platform sneakers. That unexpected pop of bright blue makes all the difference and completes the look. 

As Emilina shows, our bright blue faux fur hoodie is the perfect garment to mix and match, and wear for any occasion this fall/winter season.


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