Looking in for a reason why you should be wearing that underrated hoodie, sitting on your closet shelf, or why to buy a new one. Well, one of the reasons is that your hoodie deserves a cute, aesthetic photoshoot with you. Here is a complete guideline on how to nail those photos at home, being comfy yet classy, affordable yet up-to-date, and definitely worth the effort. Because these photos will hit you up for quite a huge number of likes on your next Instagram post in addition to your pretty feed.


All you need is your hoodie, a camera, and a few good spots or corners at your home and yes, don’t forget the timer option. Before we take a photo, let’s have a sneak peek on how to style your hoodie.


Plain is the new trend

A plain dark colour hoodie like black, maroon, navy, or dark grey adds so much more to the outfit. Choosing the best fit, preferring a better-quality fabric, and pairing them with pieces that both contrast and complement the casual style of hoodie is the key to making you look trendy and casual at the same time. 



Layering is the key

Zip-up hoodies paired with plain white crew-neck t-shirt or thin turtle neck sweater along with jeans and basic sneakers make a statement outfit. Wearing a hoodie beneath a leather jacket or denim jacket is another way to add layers and give a stylish off-duty look. Experiment with different colours. Also, try dressing up long dresses under a zipper hoodie.



Oversize is still in style

Oversized taken to the third degree will not make you look like a bear! Quite the opposite, actually. Turn an oversized hoodie into a cute short dress, pairing it with shorts and air force sneakers to step up the hoodie game. 




A lovely pair of sunglasses can instantly transform almost any clothing, giving it a cool vibe, and that includes a hoodie. A high-end dark black cat-eye sunglasses, or small lenses in contrast to an oversized pair with round mirrored lenses in a fun colour, like bright orange, or a transparent geek glasses. All can do their magic. Thigh-high boots with a hoodie dress is a deadly combination. Try cutting your hoodie into a crop top hoodie. Basic hats are also an option to spice things up.



After wearing your favourite style, find a naked wall, lean over it, slightly lift your leg up against a wall, or stretch it out a little to make it look professional, let your hair run smooth on your shoulders, and click it. It is sufficient to stand against a wall and put your hands in jean pockets – a boujie look.

You might want to go ahead with a pastel wall (if you have one in your home) and a bright coloured hoodie.

Use your stairs well. It’s been a huge trend to have a stair picture with you holding or sipping your morning coffee – giving a candid look. Add a subtle flex.

If your feed craves some aesthetic photos, bring in the fairy lights. 

Don't forget: play with light and angles, and find elements that can create interesting shadows.


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