Favorite Halloween Costumes

Anyone else still with a Halloween hangover? And we don’t just mean from the candy and the other more adult treats.

Halloween actually began from the ancient Celtic festival of Samahai that was observed in Britain and other areas around Europe. During that time, the Celts would have a big gatherings, light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. It later on became known as All Hallows’ Eve, the day before Christians observed All Saints’ Day on the first of November.

These days, you could say a lot remains the same when it comes to celebrating Halloween – we have large gatherings and wear all sorts of costumes. In fact, one of the best things about Halloween is seeing so many people go all out with their costumes. Fashion, as well as makeup take center stage on Halloween.

Of course, no one does Halloween quite like the Hollywood celebrities. Considering they have all the wardrobe options, makeup artists and prosthetic crews that they can easily tap into, it shouldn’t be surprising. Seeing all their crazy costumes for all the parties that give the excuse to dress up, just never gets old. 

So, who won favorite costume this year? Here’s our run down of the best Halloween costumes for 2019:

  • Harper Beckham as Billie Eilish – With the help of David and Victoria, little Harper transformed into singer Billie Eilish, wearing a loose long sleeves white t-shirt, joggers and white trainers. The costume was completed with a blue wig, lines of dark makeup trailing from her eyes and thick, gold chain necklaces.

  • Gabrielle Union and Kaavia James – For the best nostalgic throwback costume, Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia matched in the cheerleading uniform worn by Gabrielle’s character Isis in the cult favorite Bring It On.

  • Jessica Biel as Justin Timberlake and Justin Timberlake as a microphone – This costume comes with a back story. Days before Halloween, during Jessica Biel’s guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, a clip from the 90’s was shared where a young Jessica admitted not knowing any NSYNC songs. Justin later on shared this photo with the caption, “This is what happens when your wife admits on TV that she doesn’t know any NSYNC songs.”

  • Kim Kardashian as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde – Kim Kardashian went all out for her costume as the iconic Elle Woods, originally portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. Kim even posted a video on her Instagram, recreating Elle’s Harvard application video essay. Considering Kim is currently in law school, the costume and video couldn’t have been more apt.

Of course, Hollywood celebrities weren’t the only ones who pulled out all the stops for their Halloween costumes. There were a number of amazing looks as well created by Instagrammers:

  • @lunar.felicityy channeled a rose princess wearing a purple wig and a rose crown. With dark red lips, glittering red eyelids and roses and flowers painstakingly painted on her face, she finished the look in a turtleneck top designed with cherubs.

  • @bigfatjenna transformed herself into a mystical skull, complete with a portion of her spine drawn on her neck. The skeletal look was complete with aqua blue shades of make up, a strip of blue hair and with rhinestones and glitters on her hairline, around her eyes, mouth and chest.

  • @petite.doll looked like a possessed TV-addicted doll. She put on a salmon pink wig, and wore red lips, dark freckles on her cheeks and light pink make up at the end of her nose, along her eyebrows and her eyes. The clinchers in her look were her static filled eyes and the miniature TV coming out of her bloodied forehead, complete with a static screen.

  • “Fill your head with dreams” and @laratilley quite literally did. She showed herself pouring a steady stream of dreamy magical looking liquid from her forehead all the way to the bottom her face. Complete with a glass of the glittering liquid, it appeared as if her face was filling with it too.

  • @vickym0n created a Ghost Rider inspired look. She transformed her own head into a skull head on fire, coloring her hair in shades of red, orange and yellow and with areas of her face designed with the same colors. Flames around her eyes, along her cheekbones, across her skeletal lips and on her nose completed the transformation.


Now we all have 12 months to dream up and create next year’s costumes.

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