Ariana Grande launched her debut album Yours Truly in September 2013. While it’s only been a little over six years since then, the superstar has made it to the top five list of most streamed artists of the decade and has just been crowned the most streamed female artist of the decade globally. It’s a tremendous feat for any artist and is a testament to her musical talent and incredible vocals.

It’s safe to say that we’ve all listened to her songs on multiple occasions throughout the past few years. However, her influence and popularity go well beyond her music and the entertainment industry. In the years since she burst into the scene, her style evolution has received much attention and her current fashion preferences are hugely influential in today’s street style. While we all can’t have her voice, we can at least emulate her style and take inspiration from the pop superstar’s fashion sense. We present Volume 1 featuring top five Ariana Grande outfit inspirations.

Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts have become part of Ariana Grande’s trademark style. The petite popstar favors large hoodies and sweatshirts that she wears as a dress instead of a top, foregoing the need for jeans or any other bottoms. Frequently worn with various colors of stiletto heeled thigh high boots, giving the casual look a more glam vibe.




Faux Fur

Because it’s cool to be kind, the singer opts for cruelty-free and animal-friendly faux fur. Ariana has been seen in numerous faux fur jackets and coats, usually in a bright, bold color or in a two-tone style.






While a little black dress is a staple that every woman should have in her closet, Ariana’s LBD’s are anything but basic. Feathered, beaded, bejeweled, velvet and leather are just a few of the types of LBD’s that she’s worn both on and off the stage.





 Mini Dress and Thigh High Boots

The Sweetener singer goes for sweet with an edge when it comes to her mini dresses. Choosing feminine colors like light pink, purple and the occasional orange, she pairs the short and sweet dresses with thigh high boots in a coordinating color, for that extra edge.




Oversized Outerwear

True to her preference for oversized garments, Ariana likes looking swallowed up and staying cozy in her outerwear. The singer chooses largely oversized puffer jackets, in various colors and prints, worn with either jeans, sweatpants or no pants at all. When she’s not wearing her usual thigh high boots, you’ll find her in a pair of comfy trainers instead.


Take inspiration from any of the outfits to channel your inner Ariana Grande and don’t forget to complete the look with her trademark high ponytail.

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