Who is Lola?

Story of Lola is a brand born from the streets of East London. Ever since Lola launched, she has been bringing a feminine edge into streetwear through fun furs and fresh and exciting silhouettes.


The earliest collection gave birth to the LOLA HOODIE, a favourite among all Lola fans. This style has been subsequently spotted on bloggers around the globe as the Lola reach turns global. Lola has become the faux fur streetwear brand of the moment.



The business of streetwear does not seem to appear to be slowing down as brands such as Gucci have begun creating collections in the streetwear fashion sector. This trend can be seen to be a direct result in a change of customer. Consumers of fashion are becoming younger and younger with the age of the millennials taking over.


The high-end fashion industry responded with the shift in younger buyers by creating luxury streetwear. One brand that can be seen as the epitome of this change is Vetements. More examples of luxury meeting streetwear can be seen in the collaborations that brands are doing, in order to fulfil a market need for streetwear. Supreme- the skater brand from New York recently collaborated with Louis Vuitton to create a collection that divided consumer and critic opinion alike.


So, where does Lola fit in? Well, Lola offers a streetwear edge that bring a feminine touch to trainers and baggy Tees. Lola can be the girl who wears heels on every occasion, or the girl that rocks up in the latest Air Max drop. Hey, Lola isn’t even just for the females, the brand is very much unisex and looks as good on the guys too!


Stay tuned! Lola will return in this New Year with our best collection yet! From our HQ in East London, we are working on some new and funky garms that will turn streetwear style on its head.


Love Lola x

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  • Hi Lola, I just wanted to know where or if I can still get the longline bomber jacket with the lace up detail through the back and arms, really love them and would like one in each colour if that’s possible, hope to hear from you soon

    • Melanie