When you hear the name LOLA, the only thing you can think about is our cute and comfy oversized hoodies! We have heard all you guys and we've made it our mission to bring back the hottest product RIGHT NOW! 
Not only did we bring back the black half zip Lola Hoodie, NO! We decided to bring you guys a new colour just in time for the new year. Let us introduce all our Lola Bots to the GREY LOLA HOODIE. From the moment this beauty entered our studio in East London, we were in LOVE! 
Pair our grey hoodie with jeans for the prefect day outfit or for those who want to take the hoodie to the night.. wear the hoodie as a dress and throw on some knee high boots! 
There is endless outfit INSPO for this amazing hoodie- head to our PINTEREST to see more: 
Remember our LOLA Hoodies have a knack for selling out fast! Don't be a victim of some serious FOMO- and PRE ORDER TODAY! 



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  • My boutique customers and I love your hoodies. Sadly I was deceived by an unscrupulous vendor who sold knock-offs. I am devastated. Do you offer packs for retailers?

    Thank you

    • Marianne Oleson