5 Reason We Love Jorja Smith

Jorja smith 

Jorja Smith is the name on everyone's lips right now! With the release of her album Lost & Found, we decided we just had to show our love for this girl who is on constant repeat at our studio!  With that sweet voice that has something naughty and deep, this girl, 21 from England has enchanted everyone. 


The proof that age is nothing, is said by her talent and her desire to express what she feels. Today we will give you 5 reasons why we LOVE Jorja Smith

1. Her voice.

Firstly, Jorja's voice has a  very peculiar sweetness, which makes everyone tremble, it has a musical style similar to that of Adele and Amy Winehouse. A voice worthy of queens. As far as her voice is concerned, she not only sings but also raps, an unusual contrast in the industry.

If you do not believe me, listen to this...


2. Great talent

Going beyond just the voice, (which is perfect) is the ability to convey emotions to the letters when you write. Yes, she writes most of her songs, giving each part a simple part of her heart. This creates a bond with her fans because it allows them to know her personal side, and at times her most vulnerable.

3. Her covers

Yes, the girl has a gift for doing covers, giving her personal touches to each one! Check out some of our all time favourites below... 



4. Her personality

Another wonderful contrast in the career of this girl, her strong and imposing personality, but at the same time her charisma that attracts everyone, is something that the media loves. A strong presentation visually speaking is accompanied by a mind well focused on what she want and will achieve. However, she is still the kind girl who smiles at everyone and who dazzles with her beauty.

We cannot finish this publication without talking about Jorja's style...

5. Her style

This girl can wear whatever she wants and look amazing. Switching between tracksuits and dresses- this girl can rock whatever style. 


Jorja smith I am gia


So, how not to love her! There are not only 5 reasons, there are many more, but the publication would be very long! Go check this girl out and follow her- if you don't already, and get Lost & Found on a continual loop right now!

Don't forget to share with us your thoughts in the comment section bellow and share the love! 

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